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The search challenge

As some of the readers of this blog know I am also working on projects in the field of search and semantic search. So I eagerly had a look at the Miiget project for a new people search engine. As one can see in the query above also very sophisticated solutions have their limits: the […]

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Advertising on Google Main Page

Google seems to say goodbye to its longterm strategy of clear and clean startpages. I don’t like that at all and I am using more and more the very clean interface of Yahoo! Search (not the Yahoo! Portal site – the clean search part). On the Mac there is even a very cool toolbar add […]

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Let’s improve our iPhones: vote now

If you like your iPhone as well but the autocorrection makes you feel crazy as it does to me then it’s time to act now: sign the disable-the-autocorrection-online-petition. Perhaps the swiss way of solving problems by democracy helps making the iPhone an even better device – without autocorrection 😉

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Obama mass hysteria in Europe

These days catch phrases like “yes, we can” or “hope” of Obamas 08 campaign seem to let so-called liberal Europeans forget about what it’s all about. Why bother with critical distance and evaluating what would be the best next US president from a European point of view – when the world can be that easy: […]

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Mobile Me service desaster

As a long-time .mac-User I was never really happy with the range of functionality Apple offered to its .mac-customers. Imho – compared to Yahoo, Google or any other local provider – the price for Apples service was always too high and there were always too much functions missing. But still – I used my private […]

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