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Handkerchiefs vs Toilet Paper

There are a lot of situations where expanding a brand to new products in even completely new markets makes sense. I have no problems at all with Porsche Design sunglasses (although I prefer my Ray Ban glasses ;-), McLaren polo shirts or even with Snickers ice cream (which is disgusting btw, just for the sake […]

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30% Rabatt auf deutschsprachige Bücher

Für alle, die wie ich häufig deutschsprachige Bücher kaufen hier ein Hinweis auf die aktuelle Exlibris Promotion: Im Mai können sämtliche deutschsprachigen Titel bei Exlibris mit 30% Rabatt – und dies erst noch versandkostenfrei – bestellt werden. Gerade für teure juristische oder IT-Literatur eine gute Gelegenheit, sich günstig einzudecken. Und wer über diesen Link bestellt, […]

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World’s most beautiful 10 miles: Berne GP

Swiss often aren’t very modest when it comes to describing their country, but still the self-description of the Berne Grand Prix as “wold’s most beautiful 10 miles” seems to be pretty pushy. So I just had no choice but to give it a try and run these 10 miles myself: So here it is, the […]

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Bringing CHF to Mac OS

There is a very painful limitation in Mac OS X Leopard: the developers forgot to include a customize option for formatting numbers in Leopard. And to make things even worse: instead of the ISO compatible and widely used currency symbol “CHF” for “Swiss Francs” they included the very old fashioned “SFr.” as standard setting – […]

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Google Docs gets drawing feature

Google Docs becomes more and more a powerful companion for everyday office software needs – and best of all: it runs completely in the cloud. The latest feature which Google added to its Google Docs suite is a very nice drawing tool as one knows from OpenOffice: The drawing is inserted as SVG vector graphic […]

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Macheist 3 breaks MySQL

After weeks with fantastic puzzles and a lot of free apps Macheist 3 is ready for prime time now and went online yesterday with an amazing bundle. I’m especially impressed by the inclusion of the brand new Espresso editor/IDE as well as BoinxTV. For 39USD this alone would be a steal. Obviously I am not […]

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When customers become suckhole jerks…

Recently I bought “Delicious Library”, a nice Mac shareware tool from a company called Delicious Monster which helps cataloging books, movies, software, toys, tools, etc. – REALLY great stuff (it scans the barcode from a book/DVD and gets the corresponding data direclty from Well, sometimes nomen est omen, so I wasn’t too surprised when […]

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Carnival in Zurich

Sometimes a picture tells more than words. Here a carnival impression of the main station in Zurich: We are strong in a lot of things here – but let’s admit it: we just don’t know anything about Carnival here in Zurich. Go to Basel or Lucerne – but forget about the Zurich “carnival”.

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Apple Store Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse

For all Zurich based Apple enthusiasts I posted s snapshot I did this Saturday from the construction work of the Apple Store in the Manor building on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich: Let’s hope that they push working on the store even further – I’d love to buy my next Apple stuff in a “real” Apple […]

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