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June 23, 2008

Fighting the summer in the city

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Right after some rainy Euro 2008 days here in Zurich midsummer brought back the summer in the city. Not being a twenty-something anymore ready to bear any temperatures I declared war to temperatures over 30°C in my working room.. and I would recommand to everybody suffering these days to do the same…

So here it is – my best investment this year (actually not that difficult): my new professionally installed 😉 air conditioning:

Air condition

June 17, 2008

It’s Download Day!

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Of course I keep my word and hereby I pull attention of the wide audience of this blog towards todays Firefox 3 Download Day:

Download Day

Please spread the word too, sharpen your laser swords and help making Firefox 3 the most successful release ever in the battle against the empire.

June 6, 2008

Thank you US, thank you Britain!

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64 years ago – D-Day, 6th June 1944 allied troops of the US and GB landed on Normandy and started the largest invasion in history: More than 170’000 soldiers landed on D-Day alone – followed by more than 1.5 million allied troops during the rest of Operation Overlord, wherof tens of thousands lost their lives in order to bring back freedom, democracy and hope back to Europe.

Thanks to Wild Bill Guarnere, thanks to the Airborne, thanks to all the crazy British Glider pilots, thanks to all of you fighting for freedom on that glory day in history.
Let us never forget who proved to be our friends and allies!

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